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Swin money is aware of a part or 2 regarding winning. The three4-year-old basketball star has helped her cluster clinch three WNBA championships, 2 Olympic gold medals, and a handful of women’s NCAA titles. once she’s not crushing the competition on the court as a forward for the Atlanta Dream, the 6-foot-1-inch stunner models associated runs a self-made charity, money for teenagers.

The insanely busy jock and bourgeois Sat down with Everyday Health to reveal the routine she follows for basic cognition in herself, obtaining glowing skin, and quiet once a tough day.

“I’m not the quickest jock within the WNBA, however, there’s no reason why I can’t be the neatest or the toughest operational.”

Swin Cash, WNBA star

Her best confidence-boosting advice: There’s reason money has won such a large amount of championships and medals — and it’s not just her glorious athletic ability. “I invariably tell myself, I’m not the foremost necessary, I’m not the strongest, I’m not the quickest jock within the WNBA, however, there’s no reason why I can’t be the neatest or the toughest operational,” same money. “And those area unit things simply} just don’t would like talent to be able to deliver the product.”

Her easy daily beauty routine: “Moisturizer is improbably necessary to pine tree State,” the same money. “After each game or follow, I wash my face, use toner, and placed on moisturizer. as a result of I estimate most, I perpetually got to wash my face, therefore I worth a lot of extremely to provide sure I moisten alright.”

Cash likes to vary her hair perpetually, however, she finds it easier to wear hair extensions than going braless. “It’s robust for African-American girls to wear our natural hair out,” she said. “As a basketeer, I travel internationally and then the completely completely completely different water is hard on my hair.”

How she soothes aching muscles: once a tough gymnasium session (the 12-year WNBA vet depends on weight and lightness work to remain fit), money heads to the bathtub. “Sometimes I’ll take a bath with Epsom salt,” she said. “My granny told pine tree State regarding Epsom salt once I wont to be younger than I profit of it once I got to relax my muscles.”

Why she doesn’t deny herself sweets: whereas money fares a healthy meal before each game (usually chicken, pasta, a tiny low low dish, and fruit), even masterly athletes get food cravings sometimes. “I love Swedish fish and red velvet cake. once I see them, I either got to run within the selection direction or I’m attending to have a technique,” she said. “But it’s all regarding balance. I estimate and feel smart regarding myself, therefore it’s okay sparsely.”

What she’s reaching to sleep off faster: in addition to turning her phone on silent before she hits the sack, money listens to the author to assist her to catch some ZZZs. “Every night I play her music and I’m out by the time the third song is on,” she said. “Maybe it’s the melodies. Music is improbably soothing to pine tree State.”

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