China’s Revered Dragon Boat Pageant Remains As Widespread


On Gregorian calendar month 23rd, 2012, thousands of tourists and locals lined abreast of Hong Kong’s various harbors to celebrate the Tueg weight unit or Dragon Boat competition. though metropolis, host to variety of the country’s biggest celebrations, has been organizing the events only since 1976, it is a huge Chinese vacation, one with associate degree extended history that dates back 2,000 years.

Held annually on the fifth day of the fifth month of the calendar, the highlight of the 3-day event is that the Dragon Boat races, where variety of the country’s best rowers showcase their paddling skills inside the long slender boats that feature a decorative dragon head and tail on either side.

This year was no exception. affected by some rocking music from drummers set before of the boats and so the cheering spectators, dozens of participants seated two abreast, paddled furiously in a shot to be the first to urge to the end.

While these days, the competition is also a serious traveler draw and command for the foremost half command for the diversion price, it’s like most Asian festivals, stock-still in deep tradition and features a motivating individuals tale connected to it.

According to the legend, it all began with the death of an author and minister by the name of Qua Yuan world organization agency UN agency lived in China between 339BC- 277BC. The 35-year previous was one in each of the few honest officers and so extraordinarily popular the parents of the standard kingdom of Chu. once a corrupt blue blood vilified him and had him thrown out of the geographical point, the young man was thus enlightened with the regime that he determined to kill by jumping into the shut Minluo stream.

The municipality quickly jumped into their boats and paddled furiously to undertake to save lots of him from drowning. presently realizing that it had been too late, they then began the inquiry for his body. Over the years, it tries to re-enact that search has evolved into the fashionable Dragon boat races. to undertake to save lots of the body from being eaten by the fish, the villagers threw in boiled rice – a apply that is carried on till these days.

While they were never able to notice the poet’s body, Qu Yuan’s spirit did resurface to advise the residents of the village to wrap rice into three-cornered silk packets to thrust back dragons. To commemorate that the residents of China celebrate the day by consumption pyramid fashioned rice dumplings that unit of measurement stuffed with mushrooms, meat, and different native delicacies.

Singapore, Malaya, and Taiwan, besides, celebrate this fun vacation. This year’s metropolis competition attracted a record 207 dragon athletics teams, all competing fiercely inside the various races to undertake to urge a small amount of the USD 133,590 total prize that was up for grabs.

What’s even extra fascinating is that these days Dragon athletics is not merely confined to this one competition but has evolved into competitive athletics that is speedily gaining quality everyplace the world, ranging from Europe to North America and even, Australia.