The Irishman Was Watched By 21.4m In First Seven Days



If you’ve not seen The Irishman yet, then you’d better get around to it before you get left behind, because – according to ratings experts Nielsen – 21.4 million people in America watched Martin Scorsese’s epic mob movie over the first seven days of its release.

Sure, it’s three and a half hours long, sure you might not like the CGI de-aging applied to the central characters, but – hell – it’s got Joe Pesci, Robert DeNiro, and Al Pacino putting in some incredible performances, what more do you want?

Basically, Nielsen confirmed to Variety that just over 29m unique users in the US alone since it touched down onto the streaming platform on 27 November.

In fact, on the very first day it was watched by an average minute audience – average of the total minutes viewed divided by the total viewing individuals – of 2.6m, and over that same seven day average period that minute audience was just under 14m.

These are vast numbers, and it’s worth remember that this is just in the United States. It’s also been a hit around the world.

Obviously, we’ve only got Nielsen’s view on this to go by, as Netflix has yet to release its own viewing figures, but they’ve got a decent idea having become synonymous with measurements of TV ratings over the years.

As for the runtime, it seems as if that didn’t bother as many people as you’d think. To be fair, you can pause Netflix whenever nature calls – or the kettle, for that matter – so there’s no real value to be had in sitting through and squirming, but some people did.

Well… 750,000 of them as it happens.

So, has it all been a success then?

Broadly speaking, yes. That’s just in terms of the prestige of the film, the awards buzz surrounding it, and the people involved, but also – when the numbers are stacked – it measures up to other big Netflix endeavours like Bird Box and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story.

The reality is that we’ll never know unless Netflix decides to release its own more accurate data about how many people watched the film, and for how long.

Whether or not the streaming service recoups on its budget, and it seems likely that it will, the movement of Netflix into the mainstream cinema world seems almost a certainty after this.

Already, despite a limited cinematic release, The Irishman has picked up several critical awards, and is touted for big things come the awards season next year.

If you’re not among those who’ve checked it out already, you know where to find it – The Irishman is available on Netflix now.